Monday, July 8, 2013


Ohio was this past weekend. I went to One World by Night's Grand Elysium/BaneKlaive. Needless to say, my picture taking was very scarce for the first time in my life.

I was pretty excited, otherwise. I finally dusted off my camera from the weeks of it sitting ever so wonderfully on my shelf. I would have loved to take more, but in the long run -- I was overall happy with these guys. 

Trent's photograph of him smoking outside was my first favorite. It's very him. I have learned recently that he looks absolutely brilliant in black and white, regardless of lighting or composition. He poses well naturally, too. Which is also a huge bonus.

I remember telling Zeb last year that I wanted to get a picture of him in one of his amazing costumes. When he strolled into the room in this number, I knew I had to take a picture. I waited patiently and when he was under better light rather than florescent. I needed some amount of light that didn't blow him out completely. He was speaking to someone about the recent scene and once he started to listen to a response, I used Mike as a tripod and just took this shot. I absolutely love the light and I love the costume even more.   

This one was something that I haven't done in a very long time. Not a portrait for once. Caity had gotten this peacock dress that we both have been watching and saying we would get.

Two other girls had the same dress in red and blue, but Caity wore it the best in my opinion. She was sitting down on the hotel bed and was waiting patiently 

I really cannot capture the beauty that was this dress. The details of the feathers, the material -- all of it was awesome. I shot this with the light of the hotel room -- which made things a little difficult in post but I am happy with it. 

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